Jack Vance - The Languages of Pao

The Languages of Pao
Title The Languages of Pao
cover art by Dylan Carroll
Code vde11
ISBN 978-1-61947-010-1
Published 2012
Price $ 5.99


The planet Pao has a stagnant culture. Scientists of the neighboring world Breakness launch a ruthless experiment, jarring Pao into new vitality by installing three class-languages; one for a warrior class, one for technicians, and one for merchants. But their formula contains weaknesses of their own degenerate culture. Beran Panasper- heir to the throne of Pao- has been spirited away to Breakness to be trained as a tool for later subjugation of Pao. But he still has a mind of his own, and his Paonian characteristics will blend with Breakness science in an unexpected way!

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