Jack Vance Online

Links and pointers to other resources

TOTALITY, The Vance Vocabulary Search Tool. Search the complete works of Jack Vance.

Jack Vance Archive, lots of information and covers.

New York Times article by Carlo Rotella, The Genre Artist.

Jack Vance Message Board, Discussion Platform.

Jack Vance on Wikipedia.

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database: Jack Vance - Summary Bibliography.

Locus Online: Jack Vance: Go for Broke, The Go For Broke Jazz Band

JACK VANCE & THE D&D GAME, Article for Profantasy by Gary Gygax.

Artist books and fine press editions

Avatar’s Apprentice: Jack Vance Book Project Revisited.

Afton House, Publishes the Compact Vance Integral Edition.

Vance on social media

Official Facebook page.

Spatterlight Press on Twitter.

Jack Vance on Diaspora.

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