Jack Vance - Space Opera

Space Opera
Title Space Opera
cover art by Ronald Marc
Code vde34
ISBN 978-1-61947-033-0
Published 2012
Price $ 5.99


A society matron underwrites the interstellar tour of an Earth opera company, performing Beethoven, Mozart and Rossini for bewildered human and alien audiences on a kaleidoscopic range of planets. But intrigue and secret agendas complicate what was already a doubtful enterprise, and the matron’s feckless nephew finds that the simple country girl he plans to marry is far more mysterious than she seems.

This is Jack Vance at his funniest, rolling out a rollicking picaresque tale where the belly laughs play a perfect duet with the grandmaster’s sly observations on the absurdities of life, love and librettos.

-Matthew Hughes

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