Jack Vance - Lyonesse

Title Lyonesse
cover art by Luc Desmarchelier
Code vde68
ISBN 978-1-61947-067-5
Published 2013
Price $ 14.99


An epic tapestry set in the lost and legendary Elder Isles, the Lyonesse trilogy brings to life an age of forgotten magic, peopled with conniving kings, treacherous magicians, feckless wanderers, star-crossed lovers, grail quests, and an assortment of mischievous fairies, plug-ugly trolls, ogres and changelings.

Jack Vance draws upon Arthurian legend and the rich earth of European fairy tales to shape a tale of adventure and intrigue, true love and grim fate, told in the inimitable style that earned him Grandmaster status and an unforgettable place in the annals of fantasy literature.

-Matt Hughes

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