Jack Vance - Ports of Call and Lurulu

Ports of Call and Lurulu
Title Ports of Call and Lurulu
cover art by Koen Vyverman
Code vde73
ISBN 978-1-61947-072-9
Published 2013
Price $ 11.99

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Young Myron Tany flees a mundane life as an economist to become the supercargo on the deep-space tramp freighter Glicca. Traveling among the widely different worlds of the Gaean Reach, finding adventure and hair’s-breadth escapes, ferrying passengers who range from pious pilgrims to cynical showgirls, Myron journeys on in search of lurulu: the mythic “fulfillment of heart’s desire.”

Grandmaster Jack Vance’s final two novels are rich in humanity and humor, a testament to the truth that life’s journey is not about where we finally end up; it’s about what we do along the way. 

-Matt Hughes

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